Customing Your Plot

   1.  When LOG starts up, it reads lplot.cnf in the /lib directory (ask
       your local anaLOG maintainer), which contains certain commands for
       setting up the plotting system.  This file in turn reads pens.cnf,
       which has mappings of colors onto pen numbers.  Each of these
       commands begins with "lplot:", which signifies that the command is
       intended for the LOG plotting tool.

   2.  You can give these commands yourself, either while LOG is running
       by pressing ":" and then typing, e.g., "lplot: size B", or by
       including such a line in your own "log.cnf" file.

   3.  The most interesting configurable thing for the plotting tool
       is color.  LPLOT uses a two-step method for determining color.
       Each kind of object has a particular "color-name".  These
       color names (like GATE or WIRE) are looked up in the color-name
       table to produce a pen-name (like RED or BLACK), which in turn
       is looked up in the pen-name table to get the actual pen
       number to use for pen plotters.

   4.  The following commands may be used after the word "lplot:".

       LPLOT: COLOR  color-name  pen-name
                  This maps a given color-name onto a given pen-name.
                  Standard pen names are "black", "red", "green",
                  "purple", "blue", "yellow", and "none" (which
                  suppresses drawing of that color).  You can also
                  specify a second color-name in place of a pen-name,
                  in which case the first color-name uses the same
                  pen as the one which was recorded for the second.

                  Display a list of all color names that have been
                  recorded in "LPLOT: COLOR" commands.

                  Open up the plotter configuration attribute screen.
                  This is the same as touching "Config" while in the
                  plot mode.

       LPLOT: DOTS  gate-name  gate-name  ...
                  Undo the effect of previous "NODOTS" commands for
                  the specified gates.

       LPLOT: FILE psfilename
                  Specify the filename for saving or printing a PostScript
		   plot.  The ".ps" is automatically postpended.

       LPLOT: FONT  font-file
                  Use the specified font file for text.  The default
                  file is "lplot.font" in the /lib directory for log.

       LPLOT: INVISIBLE  gate-name  gate-name  ...
                  Add the specified gates to the list of gates which
                  do not show up in plots.  By default, TIME, NUMBERS,
                  and DIGH are on this list.

       LPLOT: LABELFONT  font-number
                  Specify the font number to use for text labels in
                  plots.  For the standard font file, this should be
                  a number from 1 to 13.  Common numbers are 1 for a
                  very simple font, 2 for a standard Roman font, and
                  3 for Roman italics.  Default is 2.

       LPLOT: NODOTS  gate-name  gate-name  ...
                  Add the specified gates to the list of gates for
                  which extra solder blobs will not be generated.
                  By default, only the digital LED gate is on this

       LPLOT: PENCOLOR  pen-name  pen-number
                  This specifies the mapping of pen names (such as RED or
                  BLACK) onto pen numbers for the plotter.  The standard
                  configuration file "pens.cnf", which is included by all
                  the standard "log.cnf" files, contains good default
                  PENCOLOR commands.

       LPLOT: PENS
                  Display a list of all pen names that have been
                  recorded in "LPLOT: PENCOLOR" commands.

       LPLOT: PLOTTER  hpib-address
                  When using a pen plotter on the HPIB bus, this
                  command specifies the HPIB address of the plotter.
                  Default is 5.

       LPLOT: PSFILE psfilename
                  Specify the filename or command for saving or
                  printing a PostScript plot.  This can either be
                  a regular filename, such as "", or a
                  filename piped to a command, such as 
		  "/tmp/*.ps | lpr *" (the default).  

       LPLOT: SIGFONT  font-number
                  Specify the font number to use for signal names
                  in plots.  (See LABELFONT command.)  Default is 2.

       LPLOT: SIZE  paper-size
                  Set the size for paper in pen plotters.  Other output
                  devices, such as the laser printer, compute the size
                  on their own.  Size A is standard 8.5" by 11" sheets;
                  size B is about 11" by 17".  Size AUTO means to
                  compute the size automatically.

       LPLOT: VISIBLE  gate-name  gate-name  ...
                  Remove the specified names from the list of
                  INVISIBLE gates.

   5.  Here is a list of gate-color names used by LPLOT.  Where an
       alternate name is given, LPLOT looks up that color-name if
       the main color-name is not found.  The ultimate default is
       pen-name BLACK.  Except for SCOPE and BORDER, all of these
       apply only to circuit-diagram plots.

       BORDER     Color of the dotted border on the screen that indicates
                  the limits of the page.  Default in "lplot.cnf"
                  is RED.

       DASHBOX    (Alternate: LABELTEXT.)  Color of "yellow boxes" (as
                  gotten from the Frills menu).

       GATE       Color of regular gates.

       LABELTEXT  (Alternate: DASHBOX.)  Color of labels (as gotten
                  from the Frills menu).

       NODE       (Alternate: GATE.)  Color of node names, drawn when
                  requested by the Options screen for gate plotting.
                  Node names are invented by LPLOT and do not
                  correspond to node names used by any other program.

       OFFLED     (Alternate: GATE.)  Color of digital LED's and other
                  readouts which are "off".  Default is YELLOW.

       ONLED      (Alternate: GATE.)  Color of digital LED's and other
                  readouts which are "on".  Default is RED.

       SCOPE      Color of data plots.

       SIGNAL     (Alternate: GATE.)  Color of signal names in TO and FROM.

       SOLDER     (Alternate: WIRE.)  Color of solder blobs.

       WIRE       Color of wires.

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